In the book of my memory, after the first pages, which are almost blank, there is a section headed
Incipit vita nova.
Beneath this heading I find the words which it is my intention to copy into this smaller book, or if not all, at least their meaning.

Dante,La Vita Nuova

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Reading Wittgenstein, again, lately.

This notebook of arguments--how else can we name his "books"?--continues to fascinate me. Nevermind I am still learning how to comprehend some of the logic, I find his arguments so very significant to Writing and Literature.

It's not just seeing and knowing what I see and knowing how to say what I mean about what I think I see. It's about the space of seeing and the colloboration of creating the site/sight.

I am no fan of Bertrand Russell. Bad memories from undergraduate study, probably. I think I need to revisit Russell. I think I will.

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