In the book of my memory, after the first pages, which are almost blank, there is a section headed
Incipit vita nova.
Beneath this heading I find the words which it is my intention to copy into this smaller book, or if not all, at least their meaning.

Dante,La Vita Nuova

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nerd Love

I used to be in this band in Chicago. Eh, I was starting my late-twenties crisis. It was fun. Let me plug their myspace.

Anyway, we were in Detroit doing some shows and were in a dive bar from 10pm-1am or so on a night off. The boys were back-handed-boasting and flirting with the bartender because there was no one else, except for the girl I saw in the bathroom who didn't wash her hands. Outnumbered by boys and feeling bored, I did what I have always done when in this type of waiting-around situation. I pulled out a book from my purse. To read at a bar. While sipping on cranberry juice since I had thrown up the night before. Into my purse. Don't judge me; I washed it out.

It's purposeless to hide. I've wanted to be cool, but will forever remain nerd. I used to stealthily go about this, you know, pretending that I couldn't relate every single life circumstance to To Kill a Mockingbird, which I've read six times, or that I learned what the term "beaver" means from Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (Thankfully before a game of dirty charades, where I would pick from the bag "So-and-so's furry beaver" and didn't have to ask what that was--yay!). I mean, what's wrong with the fact that my travelin' bags are always too heavy 'cause of the books and that I need Isabel Allende in my life and a copy of Franny and Zooey in my back pocket?

How ironically fitting that I meet an American, that is exponentially nerdier than I am. IN KOREA?!

I realize we are being total nerdskis about the blog, and I marvel (and swoon) at how unabashedly Gary can write "So yeah friends, my girlfriend and I are totally gonna write about this book I picked out, it's called ESSAYS IN LOVE."


FIRST ENTRY COMING SOON. We've both done our homework. Holy crap. Nerdski English teachers.

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